2012 Rookie TEs: Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts
By Matt Waldman
Posted June 26th, 2012

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Strengths: What makes Fleener an enticing prospect is his height, his hands, and the down field speed to threaten the intermediate and deep seam. Fleener possesses the suddenness to set up breaks with shoulder fakes and head fakes. He adjusts well to the football in the air and routinely catches passes over his shoulder or over his head on the run. He demonstrated good awareness of the sidelines and he flashes good agility to eliminate a defender's angle in the open field. He's difficult to bring down with just one defender once he builds momentum.

Weaknesses: Fleener is not a powerful blocker and this limits him to an H-Back or move-tight end role in an offense. Although not as stiff of an athlete as Luke Stocker or Chase Coffman, Fleener has a high-waist build and is not as fluid an athlete as some of the better move-tight ends in the NFL. He needs to develop greater precision with his routes.

2012 Outlook: Fleener has a chance to crack the Top 12 at his position this year because he's paired with his college quarterback in what appears to be an offense that will have many similarities to the Stanford Cardinals' attack. He will likely have the Aaron Hernandez role with the Colts offense if they use the multiple tight end personnel as its base set. He's a potential value as long as he's selected as a No. 2 tight end on a fantasy owner's depth chart.

Dynasty Outlook: Fleener's potential to remain a top-12 fantasy tight end for the length of his tenure in Indianapolis is strong enough to make him the safest bet as the top TE on the board in rookie drafts. The fact that he's paired with Luck leads to more excitement about his upside than his actual physical skill. Consider him a solid fantasy starter with the upside to crack the Top 5 as this young team develops.

NFL Comparison: He's not as fluid an athlete as Todd Heap, but Fleener has potential to become this kind of seasoned pro. Heap had the athleticism to become an elite fantasy tight end for the length of his career, but he couldn't stay healthy.

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