Draft Dominator Extras
By Bruce Henderson
August 13th, 2012

We often receive questions regarding add-ons and enhancements to the Draft Dominator. Here are a couple.

How to leverage the Draft Dominator with Dropbox

Dropbox is a great way to share your Draft Dominator League files between computers. Setting up a Dropbox account is fast and easy and can be done at www.dropbox.com. The installation creates a Dropbox folder on your computer that acts just like any other folder, except when you copy files to it, they are available to your other computers that you have installed your Dropbox account on.

In the Draft Dominator, you can click File and then Save As to save your Draft Dominator League File to your Dropbox folder. Then on your other computer you can click File and then Open to open it up after browsing to your Dropbox folder. If you use player notes you will need to manually copy the PlayerNotes.dat file that's in the Draft Dominator subfolder to and from your Dropbox folder. Your Dropbox folder can also be used for the Projections Dominator, Lineup Dominator, and Trade Dominator in the same fashion. Be certain to test this before you absolutely must need to have it work.

How to get the full power of the Draft Dominator on your iPad or Android Tablet

TeamViewer is one of several remote desktop clients that are available for accessing your home PC from a remote location. GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and SplashTop are other alternatives. I like TeamViewer because it is free for non-commercial use and is not watered down like some lite (free) versions. You can download and install TeamViewer at www.teamviewer.com. They also have corresponding remote control apps available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The premise is that you install the Draft Dominator on your home PC as normal. You install the TeamViewer on your PC. You leave your home PC on during your draft. Then with your iPad or Android Tablet you remote into it, start the Draft Dominator if not already started, and then you draft. The remote TeamViewer apps give you a virtual desktop of your home PC. You can zoom in and out and scroll in all four directions. It lets you perform both left and right mouse clicks too. If you really want to get crazy, TeamViewer has apps for the iPhone and Android phones. Although it can be done, the smaller screen size will make it challenging. As with the Dropbox above, definitely take this for a test run before you attempt a real draft on the tablet.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Comments, suggestions or questions are welcome below or by e-mail at henderson@footballguys.com.

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