Random Shots - Week 16
By Joe Bryant
December 21st, 2011

Hi Folks,

We do a lot of really insightful, thoughtful and serious features here at Footballguys with some very smart people thinking deeply for you. This is not one of those features.

This is a few pages of me downloading my goofy and dysfunctional mental hard drive that gets stuffed with way too many random items from too many hours watching, reading about and listening to football every weekend and throughout the week. It's the only way I keep relatively sane. Here's hoping it has a tiny bit of value for you. Let's go.

Just like last year, I'm starting right off the bat with the music on this one as we cover all the Holiday bases. First a Run DMC - Charlie Brown mashup of Christmas in Hollis.

Next up is Adam Sandler with the classic Hanukkah song.

Elvis sings my favorite Christmas song. And for a picture of cool personified, he butchers the words but still kills it live.

And one last song for you Star Wars fans...

Lastly, one of my favorite Sports Illustrated covers from a few years back featuring Belichick Santa.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Footballguys.

Now for the Football notes. Well at least as much football as we ever really do here...

Deion Sanders showcased his interview skills asking Tony Romo that classic ice breaker, "Who gets in your butt?"

Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch had a Sean McCoy Week 14 type of game with just 42 yards on 20 carries. But 2 touchdowns. I'll take it.

Denver featured a dog riding monkey. God Bless America.

Back to the NFL Network set, the guys gave Steve Mariucci a present and hilarity ensued. I got a little worried that Michael Irvin was going to hurt himself at the 1:40 mark.

Sam Hurd was more productive than we thought. Hat tip to my buddy Kyle Lebeda.

Did Terrell Suggs even play? Don't worry, he'll be fine once Ray Lewis returns. Oh wait...

Another reason to love Rex Ryan. He has an ice cream social every week with his guys. Sometimes this column just writes itself.

San Francisco WR Braylon Edwards was a healthy scratch for Monday Night's game. Things move fast.

Note on Edwards - he gets hit for dropping passes and trouble with the law but he also does some super cool stuff. Rick Reilly has a great piece on the 100 kids Edwards pledged $10,000 each to for a college scholarship. Awesome. That doesn't excuse DUIs. But it's another side of the story that doesn't always get told.

It's one thing to give up a touchdown on a trick play like the Texans did Sunday against Carolina. But when the play comes from the Little Giants movie, that's a different level. You can see the play here.

Ndamukong Suh returned. And the only real news you heard was that he blocked a field goal as time expired. Nice.

Look who scored for New England. Chad Ochocinco. Don't get too excited as Deion Branch was out with an injury and Ochocinco is still way down the priority list of Patriot receivers. But I love that he's just doing his job the best he can. Guy's struggled to fit into the system and has 14 receptions for the year where he's used to seeing 60+ receptions every year. And hasn't complained a bit about the lack of targets. Yeah, that guy's a real troublemaker...

Reggie Bush's rushing stats for the last three weeks: 22 carries for 100 yards, 14 carries for 103 yards and 25 carries for 203 yards. Nice.

ESPN noted that the Vikings set a new NFL record for going a ninth game without an interception. Does that surprise anyone the record is just nine games? It did me.

If Sam Bradford was the earlier example of how much a QB needs his legs, Ben Roethlisberger was this week's version. I'm with ESPN's Mike Greenberg in that sometimes a player needs to be protected from himself.

Mike Tomlin said he never considered pulling Roethlisberger even after the game looked to be out of reach.

"He's a competitor and I'm not going to deny those guys those opportunities," Tomlin said. "I think his teammates have an appreciation for that and that's how we're built."

I get that. But I also get that Monday night wasn't the last game of the year. At some point, it's about the war and not the battle. I also get that Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon are massive drop offs in talent. But there is a tipping point where Ben Roethlisberger at X% is less effective than Batch / Dixon at 100%. The Steelers would do well to figure out exactly where that point is as Roethlisberger said Tuesday he'd be out there at 5%.

Just a guess but I'm going to say that tipping point is north of 5%.

The obligatory Tim Tebow section:

  1. Be consistent. If you're one of those people that put 100% of the win on Tebow's shoulders. Give him all this loss. The reality of course is that it's a team game and everyone shares in the victory and losses. Tebow will be the first to tell you that.
  2. The Broncos lost to a better team with a better offense and a better coaching staff. Not a lot of surprises there.
  3. As a Christian who is uncomfortable with the whole "Jesus is my good luck charm for winning" thing, I thought the loss was a great example to see a little more of where Tebow is coming from. Jeff Darlington wrote a nice piece on that for NFL.com

Tom Brady's building a gazillion dollar mansion in Brentwood.

Indianapolis QB Dan Orlovsky lives rent free on running back Donald Brown's couch. That's fair. Hat tip to Shutdown Corner.

I'm just glad Orlovsky doesn't have a hand in two 0-16 seasons. That's too much to bear for anyone.

Suspended linebacker James Harrison had the Tweet of the night Monday as the power went out in Candlestick, "If I cant play then can't nobody play... Lights out!"

I love Steeler fans - you're some of the most diehard and best fans in the world. But please tell me you're not spending money on a Terrible Towel app for your iPad. I know we're getting lazier as a society and all but is waving a real towel too much to ask?

On the other hand, The Terrible Towels Around The World commercial rocks.

Another great story from FoxSportsHouston.com. Operation Finally Home gave a Houston widow a new home after her husband recently died from injuries sustained in combat in Iraq. Tied it in with the Texans game. Cool.

ESPN's Cris Carter had a big feature Sunday morning about what great hands Hakeem Nicks has. Then of course Nicks bounced a sure touchdown off his facemask in the game.

As if Fantasy Football owners needed another reason to love Adrian Peterson. He told Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he wanted to get back on the field for his fantasy owners. "It's very important, especially for my fantasy team owners," Peterson said.

You gotta love that.

What you don't have to love is Minnesota RB Toby Gerhart vulturing two touchdowns.

Here's what it's down to Bears fans: You're going to Josh McCown for a spark. Let that settle in.

Fun graphic of the week: On Any Given Sunday. Do you get it?

Peter King had a fun note Monday. Chiefs interim coach Romeo Crennel had never received the celebratory Gatorade bucket dumped over his head in his years assisting Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells and in the four years coaching the Browns. He got one Sunday.

"We're quite fond of him and his philosophy," cornerback Brandon Carr told King.

I like that. We don't get a lot of "We're quite fond of" our head coach today.

I personally just enjoy having guys named Romeo and Lovie serve as head coaches in this tough guy sport.

On that topic though, note to Hue Jackson. When you're the coach of the Oakland Raiders, keep the camera guys away from from your trips to the nail salon.

One more stat from Peter King. Kyle Orton is 4-0 at home against the Packers as a starting QB. I'm just saying.

That'll do it for this week, Folks. Thanks to Footballguy Kyle Lebeda for the help on this one. If you've got a Random Shot of your own, shoot me an e-mail at bryant@footballguys.com.

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a ball with whatever you're doing in your life.

And from all of us at Footballguys, we wish you a very Happy Holidays.


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