32 Questions Part 5 - NFC East
By Sigmund Bloom
July 21st, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles - Will the Kevin Kolb and Plaxico Burress rumors come true?

It has been difficult for beat writers to find hard news to report on their teams, but in the case of the Eagles, rumors have been plentiful. Depending on who you listen to, the Eagles have been offered a first round pick from "some team", or a first and third round pick from Seattle, or even top-notch Arizona corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for backup QB Kevin Kolb. Seattle is definitely in the running, but Arizona seems to be the #1 candidate to land Kolb. That would create a vacuum at backup QB for the Eagles unless they are ready to trust second-year signal caller Mike Kafka. With starter Mike Vick's injury history, the Eagles can't afford to guess at backup QB, so they could be one of the teams in the market for Vince Young's services. Could lightning strike twice with revivals of running QB's careers in Philly? Plaxico Burress is free and he's a free agent. The rumors are very likely driven by his agent Drew Rosenhaus, but it is still meaningful that he has been linked with the Eagles so often this summer. His addition would hurt the value of Jeremy Maclin, who was the #1 target for Vick in the red zone last season. The Steelers, Rams, Bears, Seahawks, Vikings, and Jets have also come up as teams that could be destinations for Burress.

New York Giants - Will Ahmad Bradshaw play for the team this season?

Bradshaw is a free agent, and most reports have confidently predicted that the Giants will re-sign him. The Giants will have the money to retain his services, especially if Brandon Jacobs restructures his contract. Bradshaw has said that the Giants are his "first option". Still, Bradshaw changed agents to Drew Rosenhaus, who is putting it out there that Bradshaw would be interested in playing for Miami, where he has been training this offseason. Bradshaw's value would take a small hit if he moves to the Dolphins because they haven't been as good as running the ball as the Giants. The Giants would then have to look for his replacement in free agency. Keep in mind that as the season closed, the Giants were much closer to the 1/1A approach with Bradshaw and Jacobs than the Bradshaw-centric running game they installed at the beginning of the season. Bradshaw's numerous fumbles might have had something to do with that, and chances are that he won't be brought in as more than a co-lead no matter where he lands. We expect him to land back in New York, but not before the market drives up his price.

Dallas Cowboys - Will anyone rise to top in backfield or even be given the chance?

The Cowboys backfield has been a guessing game ever since the team ran Marion Barber into ground in 2008. That season also saw Felix Jones miss a lot of time with injuries and Tashard Choice surprise everyone when given the opportunity to get on the field. Barber is all but gone, but the history of Jones and Choice plays greatly into projecting this year's version of the Cowboys running game, along with a new character, DeMarco Murray. Murray was selected by Dallas in the third round, but some reports had him in heavy consideration for their second-round pick, and all reports say the team loves Murray. How quickly will they get him into the mix? Have they soured on Choice since his costly fumble early last year? Does the selection of Murray signal that the team doesn't see Jones as lead back material any longer? Deciphering this backfield will be one of the great challenges of this fantasy season, but the past shows us that there will be production to be mined in the Cowboys ground attack. Right now Choice and Murray are going way later than Jones in drafts, and given the team's fickle approach to their running game, they seem like better gambles until we know more about the Cowboys plans.

Washington Redskins - Everything.

The Redskins picked the worst offseason in 25 years to have questions at all of the offensive skill positions. Will Mike Shanahan back John Beck all the way to week 1? Will the team re-sign late season starting QB Rex Grossman? Will draft picks Roy Helu and Evan Royster threaten the starting job of Ryan Torain? Will the team re-sign their only consistent receiver, Santana Moss, or will they make a run at big fish WR like Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, or Sidney Rice? Looming in the background is owner Dan Snyder's tendency to make large, foolish free agent signings. Quarterback, running back, and wide receiver are all in play, and even though it would be funny to everyone except Washington's fans, it wouldn't shock us to see them overpay a trio like Kyle Orton, Ronnie Brown, and James Jones to be their leads at the key offensive positions. The Redskins depth chart is a mess at the crucial fantasy football positions and free agency could turn it into a Superfund site.

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