2012 Early Rankings (Quarterbacks)
By Sigmund Bloom
January 10th, 2011

It's never too early to look at next season. Here's a quick look at the 2012 quarterbacks.


  1. Aaron Rodgers, GB (Tier 1)
  2. Drew Brees, FA/NO (Tier 1)
  3. Tom Brady, NE (Tier 1)
  4. Cam Newton, CAR (Tier 1)
  5. Matthew Stafford, DET (Tier 1)

  6. Tony Romo, DAL (Tier 2)
  7. Philip Rivers, SD (Tier 2)
  8. Michael Vick, PHI (Tier 2)
  9. Eli Manning, NYG (Tier 2)
  10. Peyton Manning, IND (Tier 2)
  11. Matt Ryan, ATL (Tier 2)
  12. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (Tier 2)

  13. Matt Flynn, FA (Tier 3)
  14. Matt Schaub, HOU (Tier 3)
  15. Tim Tebow, DEN (Tier 3)
  16. Robert Griffin III, ROOK (Tier 3)
  17. Carson Palmer, OAK (Tier 3)
  18. Josh Freeman, TB (Tier 3)
  19. Jay Cutler, CHI (Tier 3)
  20. Andy Dalton, CIN (Tier 3)
  21. Sam Bradford, STL (Tier 3)
  22. Jake Locker, TEN (Tier 3)
  23. Andrew Luck, ROOK (Tier 3)

  24. Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF (Tier 4)
  25. Kevin Kolb, ARI (Tier 4)
  26. Joe Flacco, BAL (Tier 4)
  27. Joe Webb, MIN (Tier 4)
  28. Christian Ponder, MIN (Tier 4)
  29. Alex Smith, SF/FA (Tier 4)
  30. Mark Sanchez, NYJ (Tier 4)


This could be the deepest set of fantasy QBs we've ever seen, just when QB also seems to rule the fantasy landscape with the potential for as many five QBs in the first 25 picks of drafts and three in the first round. Once again, fantasy owners will be faced with the choice of locking in a proven every-week stud while forgoing a core WR/RB or waiting and taking a lesser option. Certainly, the potential of being the last in a 12 team league to take your QB and landing a Roethlisberger/Schaub or Ryan/Palmer QBBC with upside options like Matt Flynn, Tim Tebow, and Robert Griffin III also in consideration and tempting. There is really is no wrong answer at QB in 2012 fantasy drafts when it comes to strategy.

Biggest Offseason Questions

  • Is Peyton Manning a Colt next season? Will he be able to get back to his old level of play?

  • Where does Matt Flynn and Robert Griffin III land?

  • Can a full offseason get Michael Vick back to 2010 form?

  • Will Denver fully commit to Tim Tebow? Can he improve with an entire offseason to prep as the starter?

  • Can Joe Webb and Jake Locker beat out Christian Ponder and Matt Hasselbeck, becoming the sleeper QBs of 2012?

  • Who will be molding the offenses in St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Chicago and will be they be QB-friendly?
  • As always, thanks for reading. Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome to bloom@footballguys.com.

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