The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: Testimonials

  By Matt Waldman

For a relatively new publication, the response has been terrific among those who have purchased the RSP:

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback regarding the addition of Matt Waldman to the FBG's team. I believe it was an inspired choice adding a man of his talents to the staff at FBG's, not to mention being able to bring with him the RSP to FBG's subscribers. After following him in the Shark Pool for a while, I decided to purchase the 2008 RSP and I never regretted it. I couldn't wait for the 2009 edition so when it became a feature with FBG's, it was just perfect.

- Chris Kuszelyk


"In our business, we are able to access many different types of reference materials. The Rookie Scouting Portfolio stands above the rest for one simple fact: it is more comprehensive than anything else I have seen. Matt Waldman is head and shoulders the best fantasy football expert I have had on the air, and his expertise starts well before the players get to the NFL with analysis and game film study of the incoming rookie class. I can't recommend the RSP highly enough."

- Ian Furness
Host, Sports Radio 950 KJR
Seattle, WA

I haven't even scratched the surface and I'm hooked...love the detail...excellent work.

- Sehorn79

"The Rookie Scouting Portfolio is by far the most informative booklet regarding the NFL Draft I have come across in my radio career. With the boom of the NFL Draft over the last decade, the breakdown of college players has been dissected even more and more, but this portfolio not only analyzes all the top players, but a game-by-game breakdown...that makes me feel like I was in the film room during the season with the coaches. This is a must-buy product if you want to be ahead of the draft game in April."

- Kevin Rogers
790 the Ticket -- Miami Night Host


"I'm always working on Saturdays and have no time to watch college football, so the RSP is basically my cheat-sheet for rookie drafts. My late-round picks used to feel like throwing darts, but now I know I'm coming away with potential steals. There's a big difference between drafting from consensus media rankings based primarily on combine numbers and hype versus using Matt's objective ratings based on primary source material...actual game-film of the player that has been meticulously analyzed."

- Evan Dobbins

Got them all. Productivity at work today will be at an all-time low.

Jeff M

Well-Structured and Intuitive...

"All I can really say at first is "Wow!" There is just a TON of great and useful information packed into that report. I thought I'd give it a quick glance during my lunch hour and I found myself reading quite a bit of it over the next 2 hours. I like the way everything is laid out. It's easy to understand and covers all the items necessary to make it a top notch scouting report for the fantasy footballer. It's the kind of analysis that I would love to do if I had the time to sit and watch game film for all of the upcoming NFL rookies, but you've done all of the work so I don't have to. I'm already feeling like I got great value on several players in my rookie drafts last year because you reinforced some of the things I saw in several players, and I'm already looking for ways to trade a few players in cases where I bought into the media hype last year.

I am so looking forward to this year's report now so that I don't have to play from behind this season. I know you want to spread the word about your report, but deep down I'm hoping that the other owners don't find out about this too soon. LOL! I'll give you 2 big thumbs up though. Keep up the good work!"

- Tim Huckaby


"Thank you for your work on the Rookie Scouting Portfolio! You were a tremendous help in turning my long-time mediocre keeper league team into a champion. I drafted an army of now-studly rookies in 2006 and they came through in a big way this year: Santonio Holmes, Brandon Marshall, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Reggie Bush. And I stayed away from some unproductive 2007 rookies based on flaws that you called out. Looking forward to RSP 08!"

- T.J.

"I have poured over your '06 & '07 RSP, and I have to say I love them. They have helped me immensely in my new dynasty league...Many thanks for all your great articles & RSP, they provide great food for thought!"

- Jason Kleinhenz

"Thank you, 2007 was a hit, I drafted Steve Smith, Jason Hill and the jewel of your 2007 RSP Ahmad Bradshaw. I promote your RSP to every one I know (except my league). Can't wait to get the 2008 RSP in my greedy little hands. Again thanks, best money I have spent on FF in the last 7 years."

- M. Stevenson

I have been a footballguys subscriber for a few years now, and i just wanted to let you know that you guys have done a fantastic job of providing the best fantasy football information available. I especially wanted to commend you on acquiring Matt Waldman. Matt's RSP is a fantastic tool for analysing talent based on what really matters.. game film. To me, this is fantasy dynasty gold. Keep up the good work!

- Tony Peralta

"I should have mentioned in my last message the "WHY" am I impressed with your RSP. The truth of it is not the results, though they are impressive. It is the work that is obvious, the time and the effort. As a retired Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard and former Navy man, I recognize excellence. Effort and attention to detail are key in every operation performed by the Armed Service. I have had the privilege of working with and lead many good men and women. Your detailed and thorough examination of the skill sets possessed by prospective NFL players is truly remarkable. I mentioned in the first message that I subscribe to various NFL Draft publications, none compare in complexity or detail that the Rookie Scouting Portfolio entails. If your work translates into every other aspect of your life as I think it does, you would have made an outstanding soldier, sailor or Coast Guard Man. A true privilege to be witness to such a talent and hard working individual."

- M. Stevenson

"Overall I love your package because I feel it gives me an edge on sleeper players that other owners do not have information on."

- Paul

"I finally got around to reading your 2007 scouting portfolio I got to say I enjoyed it very much. And I'm in the middle of my rookie draft so I've been using your report as a reference."

- Hector Ramos

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