Fools Gold - Week 5
By Clayton Gray
October 6th, 2010

Greetings, Footballguys. Every week, there surprises - both good and bad - in the fantasy world. That can't-miss back does, in fact, miss on occasion. On the other hand, a guy that wasn't expected to see more than a dozen snaps can sometimes explode. Here, we'll take a look at both ends of the spectrum and tell you where to back off. That's right, we're looking at Fool's Gold from Week 4:

WR Davone Bess, Mia

Fool's Gold: 93 yards and 1 TD on 9 catches

Davone Bess looked great at times against the Patriots, and he will likely turn into a solid fantasy option. But let's be honest here - Chad Henne isn't capable of supporting two viable fantasy receivers, and Brandon Marshall is going to get his. If you disagree, you aren't very familiar with Brandon Marshall.

RB Correll Buckhalter, Den

Fool's Gold: Being worth considering for your starting lineup

After looking very good in 2009, Correll Buckhalter has been nothing but terrible this season. He has 27 carries for 49 yards, which is a 1.8 YPC clip. The only reason anyone should have been considering him in their lineup is the injury the Knowshon Moreno. Well, Moreno hopes to get back on the field this week. Even if the youngster scratches again, starting Buckhalter should be avoided.

QB Jay Cutler, Chi

Fool's Gold: 42 passing yards & 9 sacks

It's never good when you get sacked more times than you complete passes. Just a horrific night for the Bears offense. If Jay Cutler can shake out the cobwebs, he'll find the Carolina defense much more accomodating.

TE Joel Dreessen, Hou

Fool's Gold: Double-digit fantasy points

As is often the case when a backup obviously outperforms the guy ahead of him, Joel Dreessen is a pretty hot topic this week. And yes - he looked good in his five catches for 73 yards and a score. However, Owen Daniels is still alive and won't go away easy. One thing in Dreessen's factor is the absence of Andre Johnson, but we aren't ready to proclaim Dreessen as an every-week fantasy option.

RB Matt Forte, Chi

Fool's Gold: 33 total yards on 14 touches

When your starting quarterback gets sacked nine times in the first half, it's a lock that the running game wasn't working that night either. It happens. Matt Forte isn't a stud, but he will certainly bounce back.

QB David Garrard, Jac

Fool's Gold: 163 yards & 2 TDs passing / 44 yards & 1 TD rushing

David Garrard's back was very much against the wall, and he came out blazing. Well, not really. Yes - he and the Jaguars played well in Week 4, but 163 passing yards really isn't anything to hang your hat on. If the Colts defense could have tightened up just a little bit and turned two of those touchdown drives into field goals, we might be looking at the Trent Edwards era right now.

TE Aaron Hernandez, NE

Fool's Gold: Only 29 yards on 4 catches

We all know that Bill Belichick likes to ditch veterans before they become a drain on the team, and that's a big reason Randy Moss is back in Minnesota. That said, Belichick was able to make the move because of the young receiving talent in New England. Everyone is jumping on the Brandon Tate bandwagon, and there is good reason to do so. The biggest wheels, however, are found in one Aaron Hernandez. This dude will now get tons of action and mountains of targets.

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bal

Fool's Gold: Being a fantasy starter

So he caught a touchdown. Woohoo for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He's still the fifth option on a team that would rather run.

QB Carson Palmer, Cin

Fool's Gold: 371 passing yards & 2 TDs

We've all seen Carson Palmer's arm, and he's going to have to fool us twice before we believe he's back.

RB Jonathan Stewart, Car

Fool's Gold: Being a viable fantasy back

Like the rest of the Panthers offense, Jonathan Stewart was largely mediocre in Week 4. Only a 55-yard touchdown reception gave the appearance of a solid fantasy outing. Look for the Bears defense (which has generally been solid against the run) to remind everyone that the 2010 version of Stewart just isn't getting it done.

RB Chris Wells, Ari

Fool's Gold: Only 6 touches

Chris Wells has certainly disappointed fantasy owners this season. First, he underwent a little knee surgery that wasn't fully disclosed and subsequently missed a few games in recovery. Then, he came back and has been quite underwhelming. Finally, this past week, he opening complained about his lack of touches. Wait - that's actually a good thing. When a healthy back of his caliber on sees the ball six times in a game, someone needs to point it out. Look for the very hungry Wells to get a nice increase in touches in Week 5.

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