Power Rankings - Week 10

  Posted 11/5 by Mike Brown, Exclusive to Footballguys.com

Games I watched in Week 9
  • Jac @ Ten & NYJ @ Buf
  • Mia @ Den
  • NE @ Ind
  • Pit @ Was

Power Ranking

Rk Team Name Record (Prv.)

  1. Titans 8-0 (1)
    Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay. LenDale White and Chris Johnson.
  2. Giants 7-1 (2)
    Brutal schedule the rest of the way, so it's a good thing they've gotten off to this start. And if anything, the schedule should make them plenty tested by the time the playoffs arrive.
  3. Steelers 6-2 (3)
    I don't know what's more heartwarming, that Gary Coleman played well in relief of Ben Roethlisberger Monday night or that he has grown into a 6'5", 250 pound man.
  4. Redskins 6-3 (4)
    One blowout loss doesn't undo all the good they've done to this point. It does, however, create a large invisible gap between the 3rd and 4th-ranked teams.
  5. Bucs 6-3 (7)
    A loss to KC would've dropped them into the teens. As it stands, it's already inexcusable how they forgot to show up for the first quarter.
  6. Eagles 5-3 (8)
    Rush Limbaugh is NOT having a great autumn so far.
  7. Panthers 6-2 (10)
    In another disturbing development of Carolina, they had one of their biggest jumps of the season in a week that they didn't play.
  8. Cowboys 5-4 (6)
    I think now is the right time to say once and for all that Tony Romo is nowhere near overrated.
  9. Packers 4-4 (9)
    Losing in OT at Tennessee is essentially like a win, so no drop is in order here.
  10. Bears 5-3 (11)
    Remember what happened when Big Pussy got on the boat with Tony, Silvio, and Paulie? The Bears play Tennessee this week. Rex Grossman, get on the boat.
  11. Saints 4-4 (12)
    So OK, the Kyle Orton thing didn't go as well as planned. Please Drew, please hurry back into my lineup!
  12. Bills 5-3 (5)
    Here's a question: is Marshawn Lynch actually any good? And if so, can he start being good sometime soon?
  13. Colts 4-4 (17)
    For anyone who thinks the Colts aren't getting enough love from me, they're averaging fewer rushing yards per game than the Lions. Read that again, and get back to me.
  14. Vikings 4-4 (18)
    Well, I hated the move to Gus Frerotte at the time and I still maintain the assertion that Tarvaris Jackson would've played just as well, but I can't argue the results.
  15. Chargers 3-5 (15)
    So Ryan Leaf is taking a leave of absence from his coaching duties to allegedly deal with a painkiller addiction. It took ten years, but Leaf can finally be compared to Brett Favre.
  16. Patriots 5-3 (13)
    All I heard about early in the season was New England's cake schedule this year. Well, not for nothing but the next four games are all very losable.
  17. Ravens 5-3 (21)
    Watching Ray Rice last week and Le'Ron McClain earlier in the season running wild, it made me wonder just how good Willis McGahee's stats could've been this year in a Cam Cameron offense if he'd have just shown, oh I don't know, any desire.
  18. Jets 5-3 (22)
    Here's the problem with power rankings. The Jets and Bills are both 5-3, with the Jets having beaten Buffalo IN Buffalo now. But the teams were separated by 17 slots coming into the week and this is the closest I could get them. Fortunately for me no one reads this article, so I won't get any hate mail.
  19. Cardinals 5-3 (19)
    I know they're my rankings and all so I should probably know this, but have the Cardinals been ranked in this exact spot all season, or what?
  20. Falcons 5-3 (20)
    I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with this team, and it keeps um, not dropping.
  21. Dolphins 4-4 (24)
    Don't look now, but with their remaining schedule I see the potential for a 10-win season. Seriously.
  22. Jaguars 3-5 (14)
    Remember the scene towards the end of Fight Club when Tyler is punching himself in the face in the parking lot? That = the 2008 Jaguars
  23. Broncos 4-4 (16)
    Isn't it possible than Ryan Torain only saw three carries last week because Shanahan knew he'd need him (what with the injuries to Pittman and Hall)? And that he plans on giving him a large workload and didn't want to burn him out with a short week?
  24. Texans 3-5 (23)
    Statistically, the Texans probably won't lose a ton going from Schaub to Rosenfels. But if you think they won't lose something realistically, you haven't been paying attention.
  25. Browns 3-5 (25)
    As a Notre Dame fan, I've seen plenty of Brady Quinn. If history is any indication, he'll lead the team on a dramatic, game-winning touchdown drive that will send the crowd into a frenzy. And then the defense will take about eleven seconds to give the lead right back.
  26. Rams 2-6 (26)
    No sooner do I suggest that Donnie Avery hasn't reached max value yet than he turns in a stinker against a ripe pass defense.
  27. Raiders 2-6 (27)
    I just read that all future Raider games are going to come with an NC-17 rating.
  28. Seahawks 2-6 (28)
    I remember a time; we'll call it - last year - when Seattle didn't used to get routinely crushed by every team they played.
  29. Niners 2-6 (29)
    I assure you, there is NOTHING more difficult than trying to come up with something interesting to say about a crummy team coming off its bye week.
  30. Chiefs 1-7 (30)
    Admit it, if you were a part of this franchise you'd want to punch everyone in sight too.
  31. Bengals 1-8 (32)
    Prior to last week's game, T.J. Houshmandzadeh said he tried to motivate the team by telling them, "Let's try to make this thing look somewhat respectable" Not exactly win one for the Gipper-type stuff, but hey whatever works right?
  32. Lions 0-8 (31)
    On the bright side, it looks like they finally nailed the whole 'first round wide receiver' thing.

Super Shufflers of the Week

  • Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets (tie) +4...Four teams who could just as easily be 6-10 as they could be 10-6.

Plungers of the Week

  • Jacksonville Jaguars -8...Who'd have guessed that the low point in the season would NOT be losing at home to Cleveland?
  • Buffalo Bills & Denver Broncos (tie) -7...The Bills may not be who we thought they were, and the Broncos are absolutely giving away a division title.