IDP Buy Low / Sell High - Week 10

  Posted 11/5 by Anthony Borbely, Exclusive to Footballguys.com

This will be a weekly feature to assist IDP owners in creating deals in their leagues. In theory, players listed as "Buy Low" candidates should have a perceived value that is lower than they merit while the "Sell High" players are overvalued. Use this knowledge to offer viable trades to your leaguemates.

Buy Low

  • DL Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis Colts: Freeney is an intriguing player for contending teams. The Colts faces some of the worst pass blocking teams in the NFL, including facing the Bengals, Lions, and Jaguars in weeks 14-16. It doesn't get much better than those matchups in the fantasy playoffs. For a rebuilding team, Freeney has some value, but certainly not as good as the value he has for a contender. In any event, it should not cost much to acquire Freeney.

  • LB Jyles Tucker, San Diego Chargers: Tucker is an interesting player to analyze. He began the season as a backup, but the season-ending injury to Shawne Merriman opened the door for Tucker. He had 10 tackles and three sacks in weeks three and four before being injured. He returned before the bye and should be 100% when the Chargers return next week. Tucker is under the radar right now because he has not produced since the early part of the year. But the injury is the main reason and that has been overlooked. The Chargers signed him to a five-year contract prior to the season, so the former undrafted free agent has shown the Chargers something. Tucker should be a playmaker for the balance of the season and beyond.

  • DB Sean Jones, Cleveland Browns: Jones is one of several proven fantasy studs who are frustrating their fantasy owners with injuries and/or inconsistent production. When I see this, it tells me to spring into action. The savvy fantasy owner will prey on the panic of others. Jones is an elite fantasy DB and when a stud like that makes his owners anxious, you need to initiate trade discussions.

  • DB Antonio Cromartie, San Diego Chargers: By his own admission, Cromartie is not having a good year. Nobody expected him to pick off 10 passes as he did a year ago, but Cromartie only has two this year. There are very few CBs capable of putting up monster numbers and Cromartie is one of them. If you are the type that likes to plug some feast or famine types into your lineup, Cromartie should be on your list of players to target.

  • DB Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers: This is not the first time Marshall has been mentioned in this article and it will not be the last. Marshall is the type of player that wins you a championship. Right now, Marshall is not a starter, but eventually, he will be. He is a dynamic player with great ball skills and is a physical presence in run defense. I don't have any doubt that Marshall will vault to the DB1 range once he earns a starting job. If you are patient, make a move now while his value is low. You won't regret it in the future.

Sell High

  • DL Kalimba Edwards, Oakland Raiders: Admittedly, this is a tough call. Edwards has always been a player with great talent, but underachieved in his time with the Lions. Moving to the Raiders has revitalized Edwards and he has put up solid numbers since seeing an increase in playing time. The problem I have is the memories of Edwards not producing while a member of the Lions. Simply put, I am not sold on Edwards despite his solid showing this year. When that is the case, it is time to sell.

  • DL Jay Ratliff, Dallas Cowboys: Ratliff is one of those players who is not thought of as a fantasy performer, but as of this writing, he is just outside the top 20 in DL scoring. Facts can be used in many ways and his current ranking is the fact that should be used as a selling point. Ratliff has limited value so you should not expect to get much in return, but getting a pick or low-end prospect for a player with limited upside is not a bad thing.

  • LB James Farrior, Pittsburgh Steelers: Farrior has been a model of consistency for a long time and at 33, he continues to defy father time. He has put up monster numbers over the last three weeks and that has vaulted him to the upper end of the LB2 tier. It would be tough for a contender to move a player who is producing, but if you are rebuilding, now is the time to move Farrior. A contender would love to have a LB who consistently puts up strong numbers. If you are rebuilding, it is time to look for a contender in need of a LB and make a deal.

  • LB Leroy Hill, Seattle Seahawks: Hill has benefited from a lackluster Seattle offense that has left Hill and the rest of the defense on the field for extended periods of time. The injury and average performance of MLB Lofa Tatupu also has helped Hill increase his tackle numbers. Hill is a marginal talent who is taking advantage of unique circumstances to put up strong fantasy numbers. This is unlikely to continue in the future and for that reason, Hill should be at the top of your sell high list.

  • DB Brian Williams, Jacksonville Jaguars: Despite having a solid season in his first year as a starting strong safety, Williams is moving back to CB because of the lackluster play of Drayton Florence. This really puts a damper on the value of Williams going forward and if you have the opportunity, you should be looking to move Williams for a prospect or a future draft pick.